GAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 1] – The FiatLand Empire

“Since ancient times, those who control the issuance, storage and value of money have ruled over the people’s work.”

The Fiatland Empire is ruled with an Iron fist by Baron of RedShield. Many Kingdoms are part of the empire. Dollar Kingdom is the most important but it is followed by a myriad of other kingdoms: Euro, Yuan, Yen, Pound… All Kingdoms have a private Central Bank from where all power emerges.

Baron of RedShield resides in his castle, the B.I.S. The All Seeing Eye of banking. Very few have reached to the top and no one has ever spoken.

The All Seeing Power of the B.I.S. has three subdivisions of Power. This triangle of authority is called “The Empire of the City”:
1. “The City” State in charge of Money.
2. Vathigan State in charge of Ritual and Mind control.
3. Columbia State in charge of Army and Secret agents.

All three micro-States are inside a bigger city and all three are crowned with a white cathedral with a white dome.

They all have they own guard and their own laws, different than those who rule the Kingdom they live in.

Baron RedShield, with his well equipped Army, his Secret Agent Soldiers, his economic Hit Mans and his team of Media brainwashing opinion makers has been installing Central Banking over the world for centuries.

From Central Banks he gets the source of his power: Fractional Reserve Banking, which is his ability to create money out of nothing and lend it on interest. 

In order to make worthless paper fiat look like valuable money he has been suppressing the price of real historic money (Gold and Silver) and forcing population to use his Fiat paper money through Taxation. That way he has enslaved population and companies to endless paper debt.

This endless creation of paper currency is leading to an exponential growth in money supply, financial derivatives and debt which is going to cause an economic cataclysm and the biggest wealth transfer of history from the ignorant masses to the bankers.

to be continued…

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Best Black Friday game deals: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Black Friday is one the best times of the year to pick up popular games, consoles, and gaming accessories at huge discounts, and it can be overwhelming keeping track of all of the deals across every retailer. That’s sort of a good problem to have; it means that there’s no shortage of deals for the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One X and S. If you’re a PC gamer, we’ve also pulled together the best deals on PC gaming components happening before or on Black Friday.

We’d already been tracking all of the console deals by platform, but we’ve also just added a whole bunch of individual game deals for Black Friday too — so you can easily find the best deal on exactly what you’re looking for over the holidays. We’ll be updating this post today to add new deals and strike through outdated offers.

Deals on PlayStation 4 consoles, games, and accessories

Sony’s PS4 Pro console is now $100 off at a variety of retailers, making it $299.99. This deal is happening at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop (this retailer offers a $25 gift card with purchase).

The PS4 Slim console with 1TB of storage is $199 (usually $299), and it will include three games with the purchase: The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart honor this deal.

DualShock 4 controllers (for PS4, and supported officially by Android 10 and iOS 13 devices) are $38.99 at Walmart and Amazon. Best Buy and Target have them for $39.99. GameStop will sell them starting on Thanksgiving Day for $38.99.

The PlayStation VR bundle to get is at Best Buy where, for $199.99, you get the headset and five games (PlayStation VR Worlds, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Resident Evil 7, and Everybody’s Golf VR). If you would rather have PlayStation Move controllers than a plethora of games, PlayStation VR headset bundled with two Move controllers, as well as Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf VR for $249.99 at Amazon (usually $299.99)

PlayStation Plus one-year subscriptions are 25 percent off at the PlayStation Store, as well as at Amazon, bringing it down to $44.99. That’s $15 off, a solid deal if you’re going to renew anyway.

Sony’s PlayStation Store is hosting a Black Friday sale on games. If you’re alright with digital games instead of discs, check it out for big savings on the latest games.

If you’re looking for deals on physical games, here are some highlights:

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Deals on Xbox One consoles, games, and accessories

Microsoft’s 4K-ready Xbox One X is $349 at several retailers, a $150 discount that amounts to the biggest drop in price we’ve seen yet for this console. Better yet, you might be able to find a game or two (or a controller) tossed in as a freebie with your purchase.

Here’s the best deal: the Xbox One X console comes bundled with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $349 at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Microsoft Store.

All standalone Xbox One X consoles are $349 at Best Buy, Walmart, and Microsoft Store. If you purchase one at Target on Black Friday, it will include a $40 gift card and Gears 5. At Costco, the console includes an extra wireless controller with purchase.

If you don’t want to spend as much, the Xbox One S starts at $149 on Black Friday. Several console bundles is available for $199, which is still a great deal, especially if you’re after one of the Xbox One S models that has a 4K Blu-ray disc drive.

Here’s the best deal: the Xbox One S console comes bundled with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $199 at Walmart, Best Buy, and Microsoft Store.

Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital (disc-less) console costs $149 (usually $249), and it will come with Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, and Fortnite. You’ll be able to find this deal at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Microsoft Store.

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Xbox One controllers (for use with an Xbox One console, Windows 10 PC, as well as select games on Android 10 and iOS 13 devices) cost $39.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Microsoft Store. That’s $20 off of the regular price.

If you’re looking for deals on physical games, here are some highlights:

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Deals on Nintendo Switch consoles, games, and accessories

During Black Friday 2019, you won’t find price cuts on the new Nintendo Switch Lite or the revised Switch with improved battery life. That leaves us with the original launch version of the console, which is what you’ll get with this holiday’s bundle.

The Nintendo Switch costs $299 and includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with purchase at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. GameStop will include a $25 gift card with purchase.

GameStop announced that it will sell the Nintendo Switch Lite for $199.99, and it will include a $25 gift card with purchase. This is the only deal on the Switch Lite to speak of, so far at least.

Switch Joy-Con pairs (gray and neon red and blue) is $59 (usually $79). These rarely see a discount, so pick up a set to have a few extra controllers on hand at Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

The Genki USB-C adapter that allows for easy connectivity with your Bluetooth headphones is $39.99 starting on Black Friday and through Cyber Monday (usually $49.99).

Nintendo often goes years without discounting games, but here’s some rare Black Friday deals on Switch titles:

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge


The Sega Genesis Mini is $49.99 at Target. It’s usually $79.99.

As the latest gaming platform to hit the market, I wasn’t expecting there to be a deal on Stadia just yet. However, the Google Store announced that for Black Friday, its Stadia Premiere Edition bundle (usually costs $129; combines a controller, Chromecast Ultra, and three months of Stadia Pro) will come included with a three-pack of Nest Wifi networking devices (one router, two points) for $398. (By itself, it normally costs $348.)

You’ll need a solid Wi-Fi signal to enjoy some cloud gaming, and while this deal hasn’t started yet, there’s currently no other way to get this big of a discount on Stadia.

Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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Park named in honor of Broomfield icon – Boulder Daily Camera

Roses and iris that were dug up from Roann Doran’s garden will find a new home this spring in the park that will be named after the woman who tended them.

“They are planted along the path between Birch and Paul Derda next to my house,” Jean Paxton told Broomfield City Council members Nov. 12. “When you’re ready for them, they’re ready for you.”

The park on northern corner of Iris Circle and the Community Ditch is known informally as Miramonte Park, and will now be ”Rosann Doran Park.”

Doran, a long-time writer and Broomfield public information officer who died Nov. 6, 2018, will be remembered not only in the memories of her friends and family, but with a memorial garden, bench, and most likely, a plaque recognizing Doran.

In January, a request regarding memorialization came from Doran’s son, Dan Doran, and has since was backed by friends and community members.

Tina Eichner said Doran left a “deep thumbprint” on her life as a mentor, teacher and friend. She was someone who was “truly a part of the fabric of our community.”

“Through her contributions to the Broomfield Enterprise through the years, her roles with the City and County of Broomfield and the numerous community organizations she volunteered for and supported, her impact is undeniable,” Eichner said.

She added that in recent months, she’s especially been missing her friend. She wishes she could talk to her, but also knows what she would say – “be brave and stand up for what you know is right.”

Paxton said she’ll never forget Election Day 2018, the day Doran died.

“We all miss her,” she told Council members. “We appreciate all you have done in the city of Broomfield to remember someone we feel has made a tremendous contribution.”

Mayor Randy Ahrens recalled the four years he was on the One Book One Broomfield selection committee with Doran, who was “a voracious reader.” He missed her at this year’s recent event.

Doran was born Sept. 20, 1948 to Daniel “Wally” Schaffer and Josephine Brancucci Schaffer. She grew up in Arvada with her sister Danette, where she attended Arvada High School. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado receiving her Bachelor of Arts in English. In the mid-1970s, she moved to Broomfield.

In 1972, she took a job at the Broomfield Star newspaper. Then she moved
to the Tri-City Journal, a paper which covered Broomfield. In 1975, she co-founded what is now the Broomfield Enterprise where she worked as reporter and editor.

In 2013, Rosann Doran was the Heart and Soul award receipient at the Heart of Broomfield awards, where she received congratulations from then-Mayor Pat Quinn who now again holds that role. (Photo: Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

“She seemed to run the newspaper single-handedly and with great confidence and commitment,” Eichner said in a Dec. 2018 editorial in the Broomfielder Magazine.

After the sale of the newspaper, Rosann transitioned to become Broomfield’s first public information officer – a post she held for more than 20 years, according to her family. In 2013, Doran won a Heartland Regional Emmy Award for producing the video, “Broomfield: Spirit of the American Dream.” The same year she was awarded the “Heart and Soul of Broomfield” award by the Broomfield Community Foundation.

She also mentored students at Broomfield High School, teaching them about the role of government, the need for civic involvement and the importance of public service, her friend Wendy Fiedler said.

Eichner shared a story about how in 1988, when she was a senior in high school, school administrators censored content the school paper intended to run. Instead, Eichner ran whitespace where the copy would have gone.

The fallout the next day was “swift and intense for an idealist and naïve high school journalist,” Eichner said, and involved more than one visit to the principal and calls to the district. She reached out to Doran to help her process what had happened.

“She promptly sat me down and said, ‘write,’” Eichner said. “She wanted me to capture what had happened that day – possibly for an article in the paper.”

“She said I had already taken a stand,” she said. “It was a pivotal moment for a young writer.”

In retirement, Doran continued to serve her community by volunteering. She served on several committees and boards, including the Broomfield Senior Resource Center, the Broomfield Depot Museum, the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce, the Broomfield Community Foundation, the Emergency Family Assistance Association Board and and as secretary for the Colorado Press Women.

Her friends said she loved spending time with her family, cooking for large gatherings and cared for her aging parents and aunts. Doran also was an active member of Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church for more than 40 years.

She also was close friends with former City and County Manager George Di Ciero, who initially hired her as a city employee.

In an article about her Heart of Broomfield award, Di Ciero praised Doran as the go-to woman when it came to finding out what was going on in Broomfield.

Since the 1970s, Doran has been a part of just about every major event in Broomfield, he his letter said.

“She was involved in a lot of different circles,” Smith said. “She had a passion for Broomfield and for people.”

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5, 15 freeways open after snowfall, but San Bernardino Mountains highways remain closed – San Bernardino Sun

Two major freeways that closed off and on during Thursday because of snow were open without restrictions on Friday, Nov. 29.

Traffic was moving normally on the 5 Freeway over the Grapevine north of Los Angeles, and on the 15 Freeway in the Cajon Pass in San Bernardino County.

A jackknifed big rig, however, did prompt the closure of some northbound lanes on the 5 south of Highway 138. Traffic was still backed up as of noon.

And a high-wind advisory was in effect for four miles north of Highway 126. Travel was not recommended for campers, trailers and permit loads, Caltrans said.

On the southbound 15 south of Oak Hill Road, vehicles were swerving to avoid people parked along the side of the freeway to play in the snow.

“They are going to get themselves killed,” one witness told the California Highway Patrol.

The CHP has been reminding motorists not to block traffic or park in turnouts to play in the snow.

Getting to snow country remained difficult Friday.

Highway 2 in Wrightwood remained closed from Islip Saddle to about two miles west of Big Pines, and at the junction of Highway 138. Caltrans was plowing the road Friday.

Highway 138 was closed from Miller Road to Balsam Lane.

The only road open to Big Bear was Highway 18 from Lucerne Valley.

Highway 18 from south of Big Bear was closed, as were highways 330 and 38. Highway 330 was closed from three miles north of San Bernardino; Highway 38 was closed at the Mill Creek Ranger Station. Residents will not be let through road closures, the CHP said.

Highway 74 between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano, also known as Ortega Highway, was open Friday after a person died when his vehicle struck what the CHP described as a 500-pound boulder.

In Redlands, the 6th Street on-ramp to the eastbound 10 Freeway and the two right lanes will be closed for several days for emergency drain and collapse repairs, Caltrans said.

CHP officials reminded motorists to slow down and make sure their cars’ windshield wipers and tires are in good condition. Officials noted that roads can close and open at any time.

Updates on road conditions can be found on the searchable website at and the Caltrans Quickmap at

The storm that moved in Wednesday was expected to mostly dissipate by Friday night.

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Shocking footage shows moment hero grabs knife from London Bridge attacker

Brave bystanders bundled a knifeman to the ground on London Bridge before disarming him and fleeing as police open fired.

The shocking moments were captured on video from the back of a double-decker bus on the bridge and shows the group of people tackling a man on the bridge.

The Sun reports that a man in a suit got a weapon away from the knifeman then walked away from the scene.

Police then urges the bystanders to stand back before a firearms officer shoots down the knifeman.

The Met Police have confirmed they are treating the incident as a “terror-related” attack.

Two people are now confirmed to have died with a number of others injured.

This is one of the hero bystanders who took the knife away. Photo / Supplied
This is one of the hero bystanders who took the knife away. Photo / Supplied

London Bridge was put on lockdown after the shots were fired and several witnesses had to run away in terror.

Guy Lawrence, 48, told the Times he saw a man running out of a building, with two kitchen knives with 20cm blades.

He said a member of the public was seen running after the suspect, one armed with a 6ft stick and another with a fire extinguisher.

“I saw all traffic stopped in front of me. I heard shooting — there was an attack. And I saw a guy on the floor. I heard two shots: bang, bang,” he said.

“Police were running towards us and they told us to get out and run.”

Another witness said she heard two gunshots before running away from the scene.

“I was below the bridge about 30m to one side of it,” Reem Yousef told Sky News.

Stills from a video shared on Twitter of police detaining a man on London Bridge. Photo / Supplied
Stills from a video shared on Twitter of police detaining a man on London Bridge. Photo / Supplied

“I heard shouting and I looked up and it appeared to be about four or five people in a fight.

“Then I heard someone shouting to get past, which was very difficult because police cars were flooding the scene and people were running obviously away from the scene.

“People running down Gray’s Church street. I heard sirens very quickly after the gunshots so I think the emergency response was fairly quick.

“And from my perspective I was running away from the scene.

“What was going through my mind was just ‘run’. I didn’t know what direction the gunshots were going to be coming from so I was just trying to flee the scene and get as far away as I could.”

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High Stakes Pro and Poker Vlogger Trevor Savage Breaks Down Cash Game Hands

For most of his poker career, Trevor Savage flew under the radar and quietly made a living playing high-stakes cash games online and live. Just over a year ago, however, Savage started a poker vlog called “Raising The Nuts” that documents his life as a poker pro and father of three.

His vlogs have become immensely popular among the poker community for both the high-stakes hand breakdowns and the comedy skits put on by Savage’s children. Despite making a living as a cash-game specialist, Savage also has tournament cashes dating back to 2006 and has racked up more than $530,000 in live earnings.

A couple months ago Savage was invited to play in a Poker After Dark cash game, where he played $25-$50 no-limit hold’em with a lineup featuring Justin Young, Mike Matusow, Barry Woods, Brandon Cantu, Jeff Platt, and Brandon Schaefer. The 36-year-old sat down with Card Player to discuss his thought process from two hands he played on stream.

Hand 1

Concepts: Using strong hands to bluff-catch against aggressive opponents.

The Action: Trevor Savage raised to $200 from under the gun, Barry Woods called on his direct left, and Brandon Cantu called out of the big blind. On the flop Cantu checked, Savage bet $400, Woods called, and Cantu folded. On the turn, Savage checked, Woods bet $800, and Savage called. Savage checked the river, and Woods bet $2,200. Savage called.

Steve Schult: I wanted to touch on your preflop raise. Is four times the blind your standard? I know you play a decent amount of online poker where the standard is three times the blind. Is this just different for live poker or dependent on the lineup you were in?

Trevor Savage: The game was playing with a big blind ante, so with that in effect, I’m going to be making it a little bit larger. Also, given the lineup, and especially with Brandon [Cantu] in the big blind, I was going to be opening a tighter range and so I was going to go with a larger sizing when I opened.

It’s definitely not the standard, but I think with the ante in play, it’s a little bit more standard. But specifically, with that lineup and specifically when I’m in that position, I’m going to be opening a pretty tight range. And with Brandon in the big blind, I’m going to open to a little larger sizing because he’s going to defend wider.

SS: You get called by the two loosest players at the table. When you end up against two players that can have such a wide range, do you even try to start to narrow ranges or do you just end up playing your hand straightforwardly?

TS: It’s really hard to put them on a range. Even though Barry is flatting from UTG+1, that doesn’t really mean much. Brandon has probably close to 80 percent of hands. I think even bottom 20 percent, if he’s really in a splashy mood, he might decide to three-bet squeeze in that spot, even though it’s tight positions.

I actually thought, from a live read perspective, that Brandon might be a little tighter than normal. It was beginning of day 2 and he got beat up a little bit on day 1. I thought that he might come in and play a little differently than he did on day 1, just so he could stay in the game. But once they both call, their ranges are really wide.

I’m going to be in a spot post-flop where I’m in between both of them. So, I’m going to be doing a lot of checking or betting small and navigating from there.

SS: You mentioned you had a live read. With your mix of online and live experience, what are your general thoughts on making live reads? How do you decide how far you are going to deviate from your baseline strategy based on a read?

TS: I made a decision a while back. I played live for a long time. I kind of went back and forth. I started as a live player, then I transitioned to online in about 2007. And then between Black Friday and New Jersey online launching, I played live every day at Parx. When I started playing at Parx, I made a decision that I had played so many hands at that point that I would always just trust my gut instinct and just go with it.

I think it’s one of those things that is kind of formulated over a lot of experience and a long time of playing. You can kind of just pick up general habits and making stereotypes of certain players. If I’m playing against very tough players, I’m going to stick more to a baseline strategy.

The weaker the player is, the more live reads come into play because you can kind of make exploitative reads based on the way that they are acting. For instance, if I go play a $1-$2 or a $1-$3 game at a casino, I would be able to pick up a ton more information than if I were playing in a high-stakes environment with a ton of professionals.

SS: On the flop, you continuation bet about two-thirds of the pot. I’ve talked to a lot of guys that like to bet small on this flop because since they will be betting this board so often, they want to make it a smaller size. How did you come up with your flop sizing?

TS: It’s definitely not my standard, but in these positions, it becomes a little bit more standard just because I wouldn’t be c-betting super wide here, especially against these two players. Because their ranges are just so wide, I’m actually going to be taking a more check-oriented approach and because of the relative position that I have.

So often it’s going to be a spot where I get to check, see what Barry does, and if Barry bets, I’ll get to see what Barry does. If Barry checks, on the turn I’m going to have some very perfect information. If Brandon checks again, then I can delay c-bet as a bluff with a lot of hands or I can go two streets of value with some weaker A-X hands and things like that. So I chose the two-thirds sizing because I thought I was going to be a little bit tighter in this spot than normal and purely because I can exploit for value against two very wide ranges.

I think here I’ll be exploitatively betting some really strong value hands and bluff candidates. Like hands that have blockers to some strong top pair hands, like J-10 suited with a backdoor flush draw or the flush draw on the flop itself.

SS: What do you make of Barry’s float? Would you recommend that people mix in these floats with hands that have almost no equity into their game?

TS: I think there are spots where you can actually do it. I think his hand choice is okay just because it blocks A-Q and A-J, I guess, but it doesn’t have any really pure backdoors.

SS: Would it be more reasonable if he had a diamond in his hand?

TS: It would be far more reasonable if he had a diamond in his hand. Obviously then he blocks some flush draw combinations that his opponent could have and gives him an opportunity to bluff future streets. And blocking the strong A-X hands is key.

I think a hand that could turn a two-way backdoor straight draw would be good too. A hand like 8-9 where you can turn a little bit more equity is good. I think his hand choice is just a little bit too wide. Especially if he’s considering at all that I would have a tighter range because I raised from under the gun and bet into two players. In general, floating zero-equity hands is really not going to be great.

SS: Cantu folds and you’re heads-up with Barry. At this point, what is your general game plan on turns and rivers?

TS: On cleaner runouts, I’m definitely going for three streets. There are going to be some runouts where I’m only going to go for two streets of value. On really good turn cards for me, I’m going to go for some really large sizings, but on flush cards and some other cards like a five, I might check and go for one more big street on river or induce bluffs on the turn.

I’m going to hopefully go for three streets, but at worst, I’ll go for two big streets. If it checks through on the turn, I’ll go for a large river size.

SS: When the flush card comes in on the turn, are you pretty much just planning on check-calling two streets as long as it doesn’t come running diamonds?

TS: On the turn, I was planning to check-call and then check-decide on the river, which is what ended up happening. It’s not a situation I’m in love with because he’s going to have a fair amount of flushes here and I don’t have any blockers to any flushes either. The ideal situation is for the turn to go check-check and then on the river, I’ll get to overbet pretty big and get called by worse A-X hands.

In this specific scenario, I think I just have to continue and then work in some live reads on the river.

Hand 2

Concepts: Assessing ranges and board textures to pick the correct bluff candidates.

The Action: Brandon Cantu raised to $200 from the cutoff and Trevor Savage called out of the big blind. On the flop, Savage checked, Cantu bet $300, and Savage called. Savage led out for $500 on the turn and was called by Cantu. Savage bet $1,200 on the river and Cantu called once again.

SS: Let’s start with preflop. Do you usually defend 8-4 suited out of the big blind?

TS: This is actually the first hand of day 1. It’s the first hand I ever played on televised live poker. Just a little backstory, I was very nervous going into the session. One was just because playing televised poker is a little nerve racking. But also in the past, I’ve dealt with anxiety and things like that, so just the idea that I had built myself up to be on the show. I knew a week beforehand that I was going to be on the show.

So, for that whole week, you kind of play out how things are going to go in your head and just end up psyching yourself up. This hand was actually really important for me.

I think the defend is pretty standard because of the big blind ante in there. Brandon’s range is pretty wide and I kind of just wanted to get in there and mix it up a little bit. From a purely EV standpoint, it was probably breakeven or whatever, but I wanted to take some of those spots and just get involved. I didn’t mind doing it with Brandon, who’s range I thought would be pretty wide.

SS: You spent a week envisioning how it was going to go. Were any of those situations in your head involving you playing 8-4 suited out of the big blind in your first hand?

TS: I think for most people, they go, ‘Okay, I’m going to go in there and I’m going to play really tight so I don’t psyche myself out anxiety wise.’ But for me, because of all the work I’ve put in on my mental game, I’ve realized that I do far better if I put myself in these situations early and that will get me more comfortable.

Even though it didn’t work out, it kind of got the nerves out of me for a second. In game, I felt like my thought process was good, I followed through with what I wanted to do. I thought my line was good in game and it kind of just gave me confidence and I just moved on to the next hand locked in. It allowed me not to psyche myself out by just sitting there without being in action.

SS: You check-call the flop with a gutshot and backdoor clubs. This has got to be the bottom of your range, right?

TS: Yeah. Normally, I would check-raise this hand. I want to check-raise this hand a lot, but I would like to do it deeper. If Brandon was about $10,000 deep, I would check-raise the flop and just go bet-bet on most runouts. When he has this stack size, there are still merits to check-raising because you get a lot of immediate folds from some hands. And I guess you could still set up sizes to where you can bet turn and jam river, but it becomes less enjoyable because when stack sizes are this short, you tend to just get jams on flop or turns from other draws.

One of the merits to check-raising this hand is that you’re not blocking spades. So we want situations where we can check-raise flop, bet turn and jam river and have all those folds in there. Rather than have him have value hands that are continuing. I would prefer to check-raise hand with less equity, but has blockers to good top pairs like Q-J. It can turn some straight draws and things like that, but generally you’re not going to improve on the turn. And if you get jammed on the flop, then whatever, we move on.

I kind of want to realize some equity with the 8-4. I would definitely not be check-raising a hand like 8-7 because it has too much equity and it would suck to get jammed on.

SS: Since you don’t want to check-raise 8-7, then you wouldn’t be check-raising the nut flush draw?

TS: The nut flush draw is just ahead of his range too. With ace-high, I can navigate a little bit. I can get to the river with ace-high and show it down or improve to the nuts.

SS: On this board texture, are you only folding your complete misses? If you have any piece of this board, are you calling a flop bet?

TS: His range is going to be super wide, so with any kind of piece, I am going to be continuing and navigating from there.

SS: Why did you lead the turn?

TS: This is where things get kind of out of whack. In game, I liked my lead here on the turn. The reason being is that the six is generally going to hit a big blind defending range more in this spot. Because I’m going to be defending a lot of 6-X suited combos. And he will have less in theory.

So, this is generally a good spot to lead all of your range. That was theory wise. But after thinking about it, I didn’t like it. Given how wide Brandon opens, he probably has more 6-X hands than I do and also c-bets all of them as well, based on what I had observed. And then you can include the nut hands that are less frequent like K-K, K-6 and 5-5.

I think often times it will just go check-check on the turn and I can just bluff the river. I’ll still get him to fold hands like Q-J and stuff like that. I think those hands will just check back the turn and fold the river anyway.

SS: You get to the river which brings in the flush draw. When you lead the river, are you only representing a flush at this point? Is that a tough sell given your line as a whole?

TS: This is why I actually felt confident in game. I wanted to use a sizing that I would use with my 6-X hands as well. I thought I would bet all my 6-X hands, my flushes, I would check my kings, and I would obviously throw in traps as well with maybe some full houses like 5-5 or 6-5.

In game, I chose a sizing that I thought I would use with my 6-X hands and I also don’t think I have many bluffs when the river gets there on the river. After the game, I think this should be an exploitative, never-bluff spot on the river. I don’t think he has any hands that call turn and folds the river when the flush draw gets there as well.




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No lathe…..Adapt. Improvise. Overcome

No lathe…..Adapt. Improvise. Overcome

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DIY Vegetable Storage Bin with Dividers

Easy DIY Vegetable storage Bin with divider | Perfect beginner woodworking project | Scrap wood project idea | kitchen organization solution

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Rescuers searching for 2 after shrimp boat capsizes

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — Two crew members are missing after a shrimp boat overturned.

The U.S. Coast Guard Sector Mobile says the vessel overturned Friday morning. The accident happened about five miles (8 kilometers) from the entrance of Mobile Bay.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said that the accident involved a 50-foot (15-meter) shrimp boat named “The Chief.” The boats captain, Woody Jones of Bon Secour, was rescued by the crew of another shrimp boat.

The Coast Guard and local agencies are searching for two other people who were on board.


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GAME of CRYPTOS  [Chapter 5 ] - The Token Apocalypse

It is the year of the Lord of 2017.

The world is Fiat. 
Fiat is centralized. 
And centralization is Corruption, Deception & Serfdom of the people.
But inch by inch, centralization winter is coming…

In 2016 many DevWarriors started to work in building their own CryptoKingdoms with the tools and weapons provided by The House of Ethereum’s Blacksmith.

In 2017 it was not Bitcoin but Ethereum who lead the charge against the Fiatland territories.
Along with The House of Ethereum many other Lords started to launch their own Idea for a Crypto Offensive (ICO) over the Fiatland territories.

The offensive was in many fronts of decentralization:

  • New Platform Kingdoms.
  • Insurance, Lending and Payment processing territories.
  • Trading, Decentralized exchanges lands.
  • Gaming, Gambling and Prediction market areas
  • Smart contracts and CrytoWallet fields
  • Energy, computation and file storage regions
  • Video and other content monetization platforms.

Many serfs of Fiatland, tired of their poverty wages, soon joined Cryptoland growth and fast learned to use opensource weapons many Dew Warriors had been developing on the Ethereum Blacksmith: MyEtherWallet, EtherDelta , Gas Limit, ENS…

They also had a crash course on ICO’s by the hand of Sir Ian Balina, a self-made Lord who did not have his own ICO Kingdom but owned parts of many other CryptoKingdoms. He grew his wealth fast and showed many Warriors how to join a quality Idea for a Crypto Offensive (ICO).

In the battlefield or in Sir Ian Balina’s barracks new Warriors learned how to analyze a good ICO Team and Whitepaper, good token metrics, good idea, advisers, community…

Many Warriors got very wealthy very fast with the complete success every ICO was having and with the fast growth of every small Kingdom. 

That provoked a Tsunami of new Warriors to arrive to Cryptoland and to join the ranks of different new Cryptokingdoms. The more new Warriors the more powerful Cryptoland was becoming.

Early arriving Warriors made so much wealth that their friends, family and colleagues also joined the party.

Such was the success of the Ethereum ICOs that only The Ethereum Kingdom grew more than 13,000% in 2017.

Experts said: “It is an open network, so there is no ICO in CryptoLand that can be censored. No authority can ban it”. “All expectations are for this sector to grow further in 2018.”

Many newly arrived Warriors (newbies) joined many Ideas for a Crypto Offensive (ICOs) with no knowledge of War and still returned successful landowners with big valuable crypto-bags on their pockets.

“Buy low, sell high”, “The trend is your friend” Newbie Warriors said in the battlefield without too much knowledge of what it really meant. “Oh! This is nothing, just the Optimism Phase, we still have 2 years of growth and adoption in front of us!” they told to each other happily.

Cryptoland ICOs allowed the standard serf of Fiatland to feel like a Lord.

Warrior A: — “Bitcoin has already gone to 16.000, it is impossible to make a fast x4 on it. I prefer to buy cheap undervalued technology.”

Warrior B: — “Me too. I am joining an ICO regarding drones. That one is going to F***** Moon!”

Warrior C: — “Today I’ve received on my ICO tracker a project about AI + Robotics + Blockchain. I am going full on it!”

Warrior A: — “That’s nothing! I am an Early Investor on the Pre-ICO of a decentralized platform that is going to disrupt the payments world. Even Floyd Mayweather is joining in!”

Everything was easy, fast and profitable…

Warrior D: — “Let me check my BLOCKFOLIO.

I have invested in catchy names: REKT, PIGGY, WOW, PIRATE, POT, TRUMP, UFO, BNANA…” .

Marketing Man, Marketing. Catchy names have many more possibilities of getting stick to the brain than other names…

It is just superior marketing! They are gonna F****** blow up!!!”

Warrior B: — “Look and cry! I am already X2 in my Portfolio from October to New Year’s day 2018!!! , My wife is so happy!!!  —  I am going to add to my crypto holdings from our savings.” —

Warrior A: — Do Your Own Research man! That is what I do. Look at this ICO I found: NEUROCHAIN. This one is just a F***** Lambo. Let me read from the web because it is for knowledgeable Devs:

“NeuroChain is powered by an ecosystem of smart, fast, secure Bots that learn, evolve and get smarter. Ultimately, they will autonomously resolve issues and propose solutions. NeuroChain replaces blockchain’s brute Proof of Work and Proof of Stake protocols by a powerful Consensus Based on Involvement. Built upon the logic of the human brain” (sic)

Warrior B: — “ Wow”

Warrior C: — “Wow”

Warrior A: — “Its like a new intelligent bot for an augmented Blockchain with next generation Proof of Involvement ecological protocol…”

Warrior D: — “You know what I say: If it sounds good JUST BUY IT. I think I am selling some of my gains in TRON CLASSIC to buy that one.”

The party was like this day after day. At the end of The Year of the Lord of 2017 the Ethereum Token territories were out of control.

Warrior A: — “Check out my new Babies!:

0XBITCOIN: “The best of BTC and ETH together” (sic)

HERBALIST TOKEN “Global Rare Herbs Market on the Blockchain” (sic)

PARKING GO “Token to meet the demand of parking space on Milan Malpensa Airport” (sic)

SAND COIN “Quality Sand investing in Russia” (sic)

BIBLEPAY “Proof-of-Bible Hash” (sic)

Warrior B: — There is definitely a huge market for that one.

ORMEUS COIN “New Digital money system backed by Industrial Crypto Operations”, “Powered by green energy mining” (sic)

STOREUM “Unleash the power of your store through the Blockchain” “Storeum targeted token price: $100” (sic)

Warrior A: — “ Today’s price is $0,016 for STOREUM TOKEN!!!. I am not going to get greedy, I will sell early at $50. I am happy with a 5000X “

Warrior B: — “F***** cheap! Buy Low sell High!!!

Warrior D: — “ Buy when there is blood on the streets!!!

After all this, 2018 was a bloodbath…



WASSA, WASSA, WASSA, WASSA, WASSAAAP… B***********!!!!!!!!

“A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent ones… It can maintain the illusion of a sustainable business as long as new investors contribute new funds, and as long as most of the investors do not demand full repayment” Wikipedia


by Carlos Matos

“Hi, my name is Carlos Matos, I am from New York city, NY.

I am so happy, so thrilled to share with you this exciting moment in life. WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. THE WORLD IS NO MORE WHAT IT USED TO BE. MMMM, NO, NO, NO.

We are coming in waves, we are just starting but we are going to be all over the world.

110 days ago I started with my savings, $25.600. Now I have $145.000. I am making $1.400 a day!!. I am now financialy independently. WOW.

I hear so many people say Bitconnect is a con artist game, a Scam. Even my wife says this is a Scam!. But one day I am going to start putting $10.000 dollars a day on the table and she is going to be like…. WOOOWWW

Ha ha ha ha ha….

Friends, let me tell you something: FAITH and BELIEF is what we need to be able to change the world!

I see here the seed… Every one of you has the seed to become like these amazing people that have so much money they are having a hard time counting it!!!

So guys, let me tell you: I LOVE… BITCONNNEEEEEECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”


The #1 Cryptocurrency Drama Serial

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True Cooking Master Boy – Episode 8 – The Eight Legendary Utensils

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Open Space & Mountain Parks Recruiting Volunteers to Help Monitor and Protect Raptor Nests

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department is recruiting volunteers to help the department monitor raptor nesting on the Flatirons, along Boulder’s mountain backdrop and other open space areas. For more than 30 years, dedicated volunteers have assisted the City of Boulder in monitoring birds of prey nests, helping the city to safeguard sensitive habitats where bald eagles, golden eagles, prairie falcons and peregrine falcons have raised hundreds of fledglings.

OSMP raptor monitor volunteers provide weekly information to OSMP staff about the status of nests. The program seeks volunteers who:

  • Have a desire to work outdoors and can work independently.
  • Are able to observe raptor sites for several hours at a time.
  • Want to hike steep trails in a safe and responsible manner.
  • May be familiar with birds of prey or are willing to learn.
  • Are committed to helping protect sensitive wildlife habitats.

Volunteers must submit an application and attend required training. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of four hours per week during the raptor breeding season, February through July. Space in this volunteer program is limited. For more information, please visit or call OSMP at 303-441-3440.

Published: Nov. 29, 2019

Media Contacts:

Phillip Yates, Open Space and Mountain Parks, 303-349-2438
Bryan Rachal, Deputy Director of Communications, 303-441-3155

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Schools fail to identify thousands of homeless children, state audit finds – San Bernardino Sun

By Carolyn Jones, EdSource

California schools undercounted their homeless students by at least 37 percent in 2017-18, failing to provide them transportation, counseling, connections to social services and other benefits they’re entitled to under state and federal law, according to a recent state audit.

The audit, conducted by the office of State Auditor Elaine Howle, found that schools and districts reported only 270,000 homeless children, although it’s likely that at least 370,000 — roughly 10 percent of all the low-income children in California schools — lack stable housing, the audit.

Under the federal McKinney-Vento Act, homelessness is defined as children living in cars, motels, shelters, campgrounds or doubled up with another family, including other family members, due to financial hardship.  School districts use the same definition.

“It’s not shocking,” said Tasminda Dhaliwal, a research associate in the USC Rossier School of Education’s Center on Education Policy, Equity and Governance and an expert on K-12 student homelessness. “But I’m pleased to see the issue getting some attention. Obviously, we can’t solve homelessness, but I think this audit is a step in the right direction.”

Schools are required to survey families every year on their living situations, and report the number of homeless students to the California Department of Education. Under the Local Control Funding Formula, schools get extra funding for homeless students to provide them a variety of services.

But too many schools are undercounting — or not counting at all — their homeless students, according to the audit. Most of the state’s districts and schools identified fewer than 5 percent of their low-income students as homeless, even though the number should be closer to 10 percent, according to the audit.

Auditors visited five districts and one charter school, and found that none of the six had adequately trained staff to identify homeless students and provide them services. Two did not provide the required housing questionnaires to families, and five did not post information about services available to homeless families, as required by law.

The districts were Greenfield Union School District in Monterey County, Vallejo Unified, Gridley Unified in Butte County, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified in Los Angeles County and San Bernardino City Unified. The charter school was Birmingham Community Charter High School in Van Nuys. The report didn’t specify why those districts were chosen.

Auditors faulted the California Department of Education for not monitoring schools more closely. The department agreed with most of the findings and promised to improve its outreach to schools, but declined to conduct an analysis of staff training related to homeless children, as the audit recommended, citing budget constraints. The schools and districts also agreed with the findings and said they’d make the recommended improvements.

California has the highest number of homeless children in the country, according to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, due to a shortage of affordable housing, relatively high rates of poverty and addiction, and natural disasters.

Homeless students tend to struggle in school, studies have shown. They’re more likely to drop out, be suspended and be chronically absent, according to the National Center for Homeless Education. And not finishing high school is the top risk factor for continued homelessness.

“That’s why this is so important that schools do a better job identifying and serving homeless students,” said Barbara Duffield, executive director of Schoolhouse Connection, a nonprofit that studies homelessness and education.

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Fraudster failed bank security questions but still stole $25,000

A fraudster who struggled to pronounce the name of the woman she was impersonating or correctly answer security questions convinced ANZ call centre staff to change the contact details on the accounts, allowing her to

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Save Now WIth Once-A-Year Black Friday Special on Advanced Poker Training!

It’s time to get your Holiday shopping started (if only for yourself!) Through Card Player’s partnership with Advanced Poker Training (APT), we are able to offer you a massive Black Friday price break that will be gone for another year in just 72 hours. Keep reading!

With more than 50,000 members from 175 countries since 2009, Advanced Poker Training is the world’s no. 1 poker training site. Card Player recently wrote a cover story about its founders, Allen and Steve Blay, and how they have revolutionized the science of poker training.

Mike Caro called APT, “The quickest path from beginner to world-class poker.” Alex Fitzgerald, who has possibly coached more poker students than anyone on earth, said “Advanced Poker Training will help you become the player you were meant to be.”

What does APT have to offer that other poker training sites don’t? It’s hard to even begin to list all the features, but here are our top 10:

  1. Play up to 500 hands per hour in a no-limit hold’em poker training game, featuring simulated 9-max cash games, 6-max, Sit-N-Gos, Multi-Table Tournaments, and even Heads-Up. No more waiting for slow opponents! You can customize the software to match your home game or the structure of your favorite Multi-Table Tournament.
  2. Train by playing any starting hand (such as pocket jacks) over and over. Trouble playing from the big blind? “Freeze the button” and you’ll always be dealt into the big blind.
  3. Every hand you play is automatically saved to your own personal online database, forever. Sort, filter, and watch a video replay of any hand you’ve ever played on APT.
  4. “Beat the Pro” Challenges allow you to compare your skills against “The Mad Genius of Poker” Mike Caro, “The Prince of Poker” Scotty Nguyen, WPT champions David Williams, Jonathan Little, Scott Clements, poker author Ed Miller, and more! Afterwards, listen to play-by-play audio commentary from the pro as they play the same hands you just played, and explain their thought process.
  5. 28 different advisers to watch you play in real-time, and give suggestions. Even get the advice of all 28 advisers at once!
  6. A weekly training plan that analyzes the most important areas in which you should be practicing, to take your game to the next level. Visual Training Reports covering every facet of your poker skills, even an analysis of how lucky you’ve been!
  7. A “Combat Trainer” which will prepare you for common tricky scenarios (such as raising with Ace-King and missing the flop), allowing you to play them over and over again in order to develop a sophisticated strategy for each situation. New This Month: Tournament Combat Trainers to aid in dealing with pre-flop aggression, featuring poker coach Kenna James.
  8. Retry any hand you’ve ever played on APT – perfect for testing out alternate strategies.
  9. Daily live tournaments and simulated cash games against other APT members.
  10. Odds tool, tournament chop (ICM) tool, shove/fold calculator, starting hand charts, “What’s the Nuts?” and “The Upper Hand” intense training games, and SO MUCH MORE!

So, this Black Friday treat yourself to the best poker training around. Just use the special offer code CP2020 to get six months of training for only $99, or a whole year for $149! Considering that the regular price is $40 per month, this is a colossal discount. And in 72 hours this price will be gone and not repeated until next year (if ever).

To get started, just visit APT and click the ‘start training’ button, then enter the offer code CP2020 above on the payment page.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Card Player, and may 2020 be your best poker year yet!




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I made this laptop carry case a few years ago – using a scroll saw to cut the image and details.

I made this laptop carry case a few years ago – using a scroll saw to cut the image and details.

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Easy Woodworking Projects You Must Try

Awesome Wine Rack Ideas for Woodworking | DIY Holder for Wine Bottle and Glasses by DIY Ready at…

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Jefferson County inmate dies after being found hanging by sheet

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — An inmate has died at the Jefferson County jail in Birmingham, Alabama, after being found hanging by a bed sheet.

The sheriff’s office told news outlets that the inmate was founding hanging in a work area on Thursday. Another inmate made the discovery.

Jail staff performed CPR on the inmate. Sheriff’s officials said the inmate had a faint pulse before medics rushed him to a local hospital but ultimately died.

A death investigation is ongoing.

Authorities did not release the inmate’s name.

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Valuing Cryptocurrencies: When to Go by Exchange Listing Count and When Not To

Photo by Doran Erickson

At the moment, there are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies existing today, with a combined market capitalization of over $18 billion. As the crypto industry progresses at a high pace, investors are constantly willing to trade in this never-sleeping market. In order to be able to participate in cryptocurrency trading, users turn to the so-called exchanges. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges, or digital currency exchanges, are platforms that enable customers to trade digital currencies for other assets. Cryptocurrencies can be traded for fiat money or different digital currencies. Today, there is a myriad of cryptocurrency trading platforms that exist to meet the growing needs of the crypto community.

Without a doubt, cryptocurrency exchanges have a great influence on the development of projects and their liquidity. Yet, to what extent does the number of featured exchanges matter when it comes to the bright future of the project?

Let’s discuss this.

ICO Market: Trust Issues Are Sunk Its Popularity?

The cryptocurrency market has been overtaken by the popularity of ICOs in 2017, with the peak craze happening at the end of December 2017, when Bitcoin hit the ceiling at around $20K. In addition, thousands of ICOs have taken place last year, with only a fraction of them surviving and bringing value today. 

Unfortunately, the ICO market was ill-populated with hundreds of scam projects, which raised a significant amount of money and never delivered on their promises, and then suddenly disappeared. This trend has affected the trust of the community for ICOs, decreasing their popularity and success rates. 

IEOs as a Safer Alternative

The year 2019 saw the birth of a new fundraising method, which combined the ICO model with a more solid and stable way of implementing the project. Initial exchange offerings (IEOs) had a blast this year – during the first half of 2019, IEO projects were able to raise $1.6 billion. The second half of the year has continued riding the trend, with the top exchange launchpads fueling the development of the IEO market. Investor demand for the IEOs also stays strong, as a number of promising cryptocurrency projects are taking place, heated up by crypto channels in Telegram. 

However, what determines the success of IEOs in modern crypto space? Some claim it depends on IEO project’s liquidity, others mention the token price and adherence to the roadmap of the project.

Some talk about the community size as the gauge of the progress of a project. Today, we will talk about one particular factor – the number of exchanges listing the project. 

Does it affect a project’s long-term success or popularity? Does it determine the true value of the project?

The More The Merrier? Not Quite

The number of exchanges listing the project is closely tied to its liquidity. Without a doubt, liquidity is something that plays a big role for a project. Yet, in the case with IEOs, thanks to their mechanism of crowdfunding, they get instant liquidity as they are getting listed on an exchange. Thanks to this feature, IEOs overcome one of the major setbacks that were faced by ICOs – lack of liquidity.

The key important fact when it comes to the IEO liquidity – quality matters over quantity, especially when it comes to multiple exchange listings. 

There is a multitude of cryptocurrency exchanges that are now realizing that the implementation of the launchpad is beneficial for them. Along these are Binance, Bittrex, Bitmax, Huobi, Kucoin, and OKEx along with many others. 

Binance, as a matter of fact, is one of the growing crypto exchanges that are now among the top 10 digital currency exchanges in the world. At the moment, it has more than 190 altcoins listed, with the number growing almost every day.
Kucoin is yet another prospective exchange that offers a variety of popular coins, including BTC, BCH, XMR, DAG, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, ADA, TRX, NEO and the like.
Bittrex is an exchange that is based out of the US and offers users the opportunity to trade more than 190 cryptocurrencies as of today. This exchange follows the latest US crypto regulatory practices. 
MXC is a Singapore-based exchange that was introduced by a group of professionals with a great digital asset background. At the moment, this exchange offers token trading, perpetual swap trading, OTC trading, and other financial products.

Now, many of these and other exchanges are listing coins on a daily basis – but aside from affecting coins’ liquidity factor, do these exchanges add a lot of value and stability to the projects? Not exactly. 

Just as we mentioned above, quality matters much more than quantity. Speaking differently, the success of a crypto project largely depends on the features of the exchange it is listed on. Some important factors that crypto projects should take into consideration when assessing the possibility of listing are:


Do token’s values reflect those of the exchange? How about the mission – does it align? If a project’s values and vision are in conflict with those of the digital currency platform, a listing might not bring any value to the project, if not depreciate it.


The importance of this factor cannot be overstated. With recent cyberattacks wiping out thousands of users’ wallets clean, tokens should double-check the exchange for the safety practices in place. Noteworthy, big and popular exchange does not always have the best security systems in place – remember Coincheck hack?


Most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges are following the latest regulations when it comes to compliance. Yet, there were cases of popular exchanges overlooking simple regulatory rules. A prospective and stable crypto project would not want to be a part of such an exchange.

These are just some factors that should be on a discussion board of crypto projects that are planning to get listed on yet another exchange. The common belief in the crypto space is that the number of exchanges that the coin is listed on equals the project’s true value. Let’s see real-life examples.

Successful Blockchain Projects 2019 

One of the great performing IEOs, according to the CryptoRank’s list, is GoWithMi. The native token of this project, GMAT, has been able to hit 3.56X ROI USD, with its ATH ROI USD being a whopping 21.08X. 

GoWithMi is committed to building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. The project has taken off on, and was able to raise $1,350,000 during its IEO.

At the moment, this promising Singaporean project is listed on, Big.One and HotBit, with all three exchanges being under $500,000 daily trading volume. In addition, these three exchanges are not mainstream and they are not popular globally when compared to other giants like Binance and Coinbase.

Nevertheless, despite being listed on only three exchanges, GoWithMi continues to deliver on its promises and grow its community.

Another successful cryptocurrency project that was introduced this year is Tokoin. Tokoin’s TOKO has performed very well – it reached ATH ROI USD at 9x, with ROI USD standing at 4.18X. Tokoin is striving to secure a better future for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) globally. Thanks to its innovative platform, growing businesses are able to use their potential to the full without facing limitations.

Currently, Tokoin is listed on KuCoin and Atomars, according to Coingecko. In spite of the fact that users are now only able to buy this coin on these two exchanges, token’s performance stands among the top 10 for 2019.

Yet another example of a successful coin that has not been listed on multiple popular and big exchanges, and still was able to bring 2.93X ROI USD and 3.97X ATH ROI USD is Pledgecamp (PLG).

Pledgecamp aims to disrupt the crowdfunding industry with blockchain-powered escrow contracts. With an impressive list of advisors on its side, this token has been listed on 6 exchanges so far. These are Bithumb Global, MXC, Bitforex, Piexgo, OKEx, Binance DEX. 

Notably, even though this token is listed on Bitforex, which surpasses all other mentioned exchanges (and those of GMAT) in daily trading volume, Pledgecamp’s token’s price is trading cheaper than GoWithMi’s token.

Final Word

We’ve discussed that the number of exchanges that list coins does not affect or determine its true value. Yet, what does then?

As mentioned in this article, some key factors like liquidity, community size, adherence to the roadmap are among those that will pave the way for a project.

Nonetheless, there is one more factor that has to do with the exchanges – it is the exchange platform that launched that IEO. Projects that took off of KuCoin, Huobi, OKEx,, and Binance generally brought significant profits to inventors. 

Following the same logic, investors tend to choose platforms they trust – they see it as a measure of a certain project’s future success. 

To conclude, it is worth to mention that the popularity of the exchange does not always reflect its safety or level of trust that investors have. Choosing the IEO project to invest in takes a lot of thought, and sometimes hyped-up projects fail without even reaching their goals.

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Fire Force Episode 19, Into the Nether,

“Into the Nether”

Licht’s analysis of the attack on Vulcan’s workshop reveals that the Evangelist’s men have been in the “Nether,” the



Availability for free users:
Dec 6, 2019

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Recent local titles look at cannabis, adventure junkies, Western noir – Boulder Daily Camera

Below are books recently released by Boulder County and Colorado authors:

The Creative Heroine’s Path: Live Your Creative Life

Julie Baldwin

Solevoluna, 195 pages, with color illustrations, $19.95

Having abandoned her own love for creative writing for technical writing, local author Baldwin seeks to help women live lives “filled with creative passion and purpose … to wake up your life and blaze your creative path.” She offers a process through which anyone can do just that, offering her own experience and careful steps for readers. “Everything in the outer world is a mirror of your inner world,” she writes. “If your soul is starving, you’ll see the outer world as a dangerous place.”




Buzz! Inside the Minds of Thrill-Seekers, Daredevils, and Adrenaline Junkies

Kenneth Carter

Cambridge University Press, 225 pages, $19.95

Carter, a clinical psychologist and professor at Emory University, is not a local author, but “Buzz!” may be of interest to the kind of thrill-seeker Boulder is famous for, from high-wire artists over Eldorado Canyon a century ago to world-class climbers, mountaineers and extreme athletes. The book is an entertaining mélange of anecdote and neuroscience, a deep dive into the pervasive human need for sensation-seeking. “While you may not take up Olympic skeleton racing anytime soon, learning about sensation-seekers may inspire you to expand your experiences a little,” Carter writes.

Wisdom for Living: Learning to Follow Your Inner Guidance

Sharon Clark and Reynold Ruslan Feldman

O Books, 159 pages, $16.95

Boulder author and workshop facilitator Feldman offers scores of short essays, in alphabetical order, “meant to stimulate your own wisdom” and addressing everything from “Gender Wisdom” to “Laughing Wisdom” and “Sailing Wisdom.” “It’s wise to understand,” Feldman writes, “that wealth is not a one-way ticket to happiness, even if we have the winning lottery number. … Contentment tends to come, if at all, in spite of our wealth or lack thereof.”

Migrating for Medical Marijuana: Pioneers in a New Frontier of Treatment

Tracy Ferrell

Toplight Books, 237 pages, $19.99

Ferrell, a member of the writing and rhetoric faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder, draws a parallel between the recent influx of medical-marijuana researchers, health-care professionals and patients and pioneers who staked out homesteads and mining claims. An informative mix of data, research and personal

interviews, the book advocates for more research at a time when, “The world of cannabis is changing at a blistering pace.”


J.P. Gritton

TinHouse Books, 240 pages, $15.95

Boulder product (New Vista High School), and Duke University assistant professor of English, Gritton spent his youth writing science-fiction stories, but his debut novel has its feet firmly planted in very gritty soil, indeed. Shelley Cooper is broke, unemployed and his wife has left him when he signs on to be a mule for his weed-dealing brother. The delivery to Texas goes fine, but now he’s got to get back home with his brother’s dope money. Both violent and compassionate, “Wyoming” is Western noir sprinkled with grim humor, a la “Fargo.” Gritton will speak and sign the book at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St., Boulder.

The Orchard

Peter Heller

Scribd, 215 pages, available through Scribd subscription

Front Range author Heller, author of the New York Times-bestselling novel “The Dog Stars,” moves from traditional publishing to Scribd’s e-book and audiobook subscription service with his new novel. Chinese poetry translator Hayley removes to a remote cabin in Vermont’s Green Mountains to escape a manic world and drug-addicted husband and immerse the narrator, her 7-year-old daughter Frith, in the wisdom of nature. When artist Rose Lattimore comes into the picture, it seems they have found paradise. But tragedy is not bound to the civilized world, and Frith cannot be shielded forever.

The Winter Army: The World War II Odyssey of the 10th Mountain Division

Maurice Isserman

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 318 pages, with black and white illustrations, $28

Anyone who’s skied the high country of Colorado has probably heard of the 10th Mountain Division, the famous elite alpine unit that trained here for fighting amid the snowy peaks of Europe in World War II. Riva Ridge is not just a beloved intermediate ski run at Vail, it’s the location of a harrowing, cliff-climbing assault in Italy that caught the Germans by surprise. Isserman vividly reconstructs the whole history of the division, from training at Camp Hale near Leadville to its entry into the fighting in 1945. “The 10th played a vital role in the concluding months of the long and bloody Italian campaign,” he writes. Perfect for the World War II history buff on your holiday list.

Fire in the Hole

Kristie Betts Letter

Engine Books, 213 pages, $14.95

Local high-school teacher, poet and author Letter’s first short-story collection is by turns surreal and amusing, is haunted by ghosts and death. Ranging from quirky short-shorts and vignettes with names like “Dogs in Country Music” to more fully fleshed out, but equally askew (in a good way) stories such as “Real Estate,” about a man’s investment in a cemetery plot that may not be unoccupied. But Letter’s imagination and use of language is so poetically striking that you can flip to almost any page and find unexpected, often hilarious, passages: “Daddy always wanted to be cremated. Being Catholic makes cremation impractical since according to Father O’Malley, God only pays attention when you arrive in satin-lined oak with inlaid mother of pearl”; “Amy Fisher jokes never go out of style in New Jersey”; “Sinead O’Connor knows that female hair is just another tool of oppression.” Letter will speak and sign the book at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St., Boulder.

Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost — and Myself

Susan Purvis

Black Stone Publishing, 415 pages, with black-and-white photos, $16.99

Confused and directionless at mid-life, Purvis joins the ski patrol at Crested Butte, then decides to train Tasha, a 5-week-old black Labrador retriever puppy in the art of avalanche rescue. Part memoir, part manual in the fascinating science of avalanche rescue and the remarkable abilities of our canine friends, “Go Find” explores not just how in the process of training a dog to rescue lost avalanche victims, Tasha helps Purvis find herself. Much of the book takes place in the mountains west of Boulder.

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How many of these driving laws and tidbits did you already know? – San Bernardino Sun

This Thanksgiving week, Honk is thankful for his readers, who are the smartest, prettiest, handsomest, funniest, most creative and happiest people, and the sharpest dressers, too. Because of their questions during the past year, he has learned:

– When you hit a crosswalk button at a traffic signal, the voice is often a man’s because it offers low-range frequencies easier for people who are visually impaired to understand, and the same for those who have some hearing loss. …

– Got a complaint for Caltrans? File your beef at …

– Anyone can get “HONORING VETERANS” placed at the bottom of their license plate, but more specialized plates require documentation proving that the driver deserves to sport such accomplishments, such as “LEGION OF VALOR” with a sticker depicting the Air Force Cross or the Navy Medal of Honor. …

– Although a lot of fire trucks and engines don’t carry front license plates, under the law they are supposed to. …

– Many drivers must take the behind-the-wheel test at the Department of Motor Vehicles only once – when first getting a driver license. Old age is never a reason to have to take it again. But some must to prove a mental or physical problem doesn’t cause too much trouble on the road. …

– Caltrans workers sometimes sit in chairs on freeway overpasses and count the vehicles below and the passengers inside them. …

– Thousands of vehicles with license plates from Mexico, Canada and states outside of the Lower 48 have accounts set up to pay tolls on the 73, 241, 133 and 261 toll roads. …

– Buses, under the law, can go in carpool lanes. …

– It costs more to put in concrete rather than asphalt lanes on freeways, but concrete lasts at least 40 years instead of asphalt’s 10 or 15. …

– Groves on concrete freeway lanes are to prevent skidding, even when the lanes are dry. Asphalt doesn’t need them. …

– Vehicles can be covered while parked on public streets in California, but law-enforcement personnel can take a peek to grab the license-plate number. …

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Neighbours at war: Free-range eggs fly in Remuera stoush

It started with screams on a roof in February.

Later came police visits, broken bottles, confrontations, a street meeting, alleged threats of gang links, filthy language on both sides and, most recently, four free-range eggs flung over the fence.

This is the story of an inter-generational neighbours at war dispute unfolding in the most unexpected of locations, a quiet, tree-lined Remuera cul de sac where neat gardens abound and house values uniformly end in million.

On one side of the fence in tiny Avice St is father-of-two Mike Edgington, 48, and his 46-year-old partner.

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On the other side are 19-year-old Cole Pocock and his four flatmates, all young university students or workers.

The Weekend Herald uses given names in our stories. But the warring neighbours don’t always do the same.

One nickname, Macbeth’s witches, chosen by Edgington’s partner for a young neighbour and her friends, is inspired by Shakespeare’s 400-year-old tragedy. Others are less-inspired, and unprintable.

In mid-February Edgington’s son told him, “I think there’s a family with teenagers moving in next door.”

But the older adults left and the teens remained.

Mike Edgington is not happy with his young neighbours in Avice St, Remuera. Photo / Dean Purcell
Mike Edgington is not happy with his young neighbours in Avice St, Remuera. Photo / Dean Purcell

“They hadn’t quite finished unloading things by 4pm and by 5pm they were getting drunk,” Edgington says.

“I thought, ‘Okay, they’ve had a housewarming, that’s okay.”

But around dinnertime the next day the stereo “shot up to an extraordinary level”, people began arriving and “a bunch of young guys” climbed on to the roof and started shouting, screaming and “swearing at the top of their lungs”, Edgington says.

“It was like an American frat party … I said to them, ‘Are you going to stand up there and drink p*** all afternoon and scream at the top of your voice and annoy the whole neighbourhood? Just get off the bloody roof’.”

Since then, he says, there have been incidents of the flatmates’ friends urinating on people’s properties, parking across driveways, leaving broken bottles and rubbish on the street, and noisily arriving back from late nights on the town.

That’s not what Avice St is about, says Edgington, who has rented his home in the street for three years.

Many households are young families and, renters or owners, take care of their homes.

“Neighbours have said to us they don’t want to go out on to the street at night, when that lot’s around, with all their behaviour. They felt intimated, I certainly did when they moved in. I felt under siege.

“We felt like if we got together as a neighbourhood and we got the police involved hopefully they would grow up a bit and settle down, and it’s not worked.”

CCTV footage showing a person lying in Avice St, Remuera, where a neighbours at war situation has been rumbling since February. Photo / Supplied
CCTV footage showing a person lying in Avice St, Remuera, where a neighbours at war situation has been rumbling since February. Photo / Supplied

Neighbour Mary Huang says she has heard foul language and disorder on the street, and once saw broken bottles on the kerb, which frightened her.

Other neighbours didn’t want to comment. One home in the street is for sale.

Pocock concedes he and his flatmates haven’t been perfect neighbours, although he claims the roof incident consisted of a single yell of “mates”.

Their housewarming got out of hand after strangers showed up. But a mid-year, mid-week birthday party had been advertised, with a contact number, to neighbours, he says.

It was screaming in the aftermath of that party that woke Edgington and his partner, leading to a confrontation with drunken party-goers on the street, including one lying on the road. Police were called.

Edgington alleged a visiting partygoer shoved him, but he chose not to press charges out of concern for the teen’s future, he says.

Pocock’s friends and flatmates alleged Edgington threw a bottle at the wall of their lounge and hurled abuse because his partner had been stood over in a threatening manner on the street.

Edgington said he’d actually dropped an empty bottle he’d picked up from the street on the carpet and shouted at those in the room to “sort their mates” following the incident, admitting he “may have used” the c-word.

Cole Pocock says his flat hasn't been perfect, but they're also being unfairly treated by one set of neighbours. Photo / Cherie Howie
Cole Pocock says his flat hasn’t been perfect, but they’re also being unfairly treated by one set of neighbours. Photo / Cherie Howie

“We’ve definitely done stuff that’s made us bad neighbours,” Pocock said this week.

“But I feel like a lot of it’s been blown out of proportion.”

He’d cleaned up broken bottles and rubbish as early as 8am. And when police arrived following the mid-winter party they told him there was no problem.

“They said, ‘You’ve done nothing wrong’.”

Edgington says police had told them to call 111, rather than go to the student flat, when problems arose.

Noise control had never been called because the disruption was not about music so much as random yelling, screaming and disorder, he says.

All is not well in Avice St, Remuera. Photo / Dean Purcell
All is not well in Avice St, Remuera. Photo / Dean Purcell

In the latest flare-up, both sides called police.

The spark? Four eggs thrown by Edgington’s partner at the student flat last Friday.

His partner had just been diagnosed with cancer when she thought she heard the young neighbours “starting up” early evening, Edgington says.

“She just thought, ‘They’re not kicking off this weekend’.”

The teens responded to the sticky yellow mess on the side of their house by yelling, ‘What did we do?’, followed by calling his partner a “f***en b***h, he says.

“[Her response was] ‘The previous nine months is what you’ve done. I’ve got b****y cancer, that’s why’.”

Pocock says the couple came to their house on Sunday.

Relations between two sets of neighbours in Avice St, Remuera, are not too flash. Photo / Dean Purcell
Relations between two sets of neighbours in Avice St, Remuera, are not too flash. Photo / Dean Purcell

“We closed the door on them because they were just screaming their heads off.”

Accusations included that they smoked P – Edgington told the Herald a neighbour had once seen someone walking down the flat’s driveway with a glass pipe – which was “absolute garbage”, Pocock says.

“No, we don’t smoke P.”

Pocock also claims that when the couple first spoke to him in April about noise and behaviour at the flat, Edgington’s partner made threats about gang connections.

Edgington says that is a lie.

So, now what?

Edgington says Avice St is a wonderful street to live in, and would be again in future.

They didn’t intend to leave.

He says he contacted the Weekend Herald because he wanted to shame his young neighbours’ parents and former schools.

“These entitled brats are a product of a society where you’ve got all these parents, and society itself, placing so much emphasis that you have rights, and they don’t tell them about their responsibilities.”

Cole Pocock isn't sure if he wants to stay in his Remuera flat after the lease ends in February. Photo / Cherie Howie
Cole Pocock isn’t sure if he wants to stay in his Remuera flat after the lease ends in February. Photo / Cherie Howie

But Pocock says the couple know nothing about the flatmates, who include an electrician, two commerce, one biomedical science and one law student, all of whom have been educated at State or Catholic schools.

“They go on and on about how we’re trust fund babies and ‘mum and dad aren’t here to protect you’. They don’t know a single thing about us.”

He says Remuera is close to university and the flat costs $950 a week between five, about average for the location. Their lease ends in February and he’s not sure whether they’ll renew.

“I’ll be sitting here by myself and I’ll hear noises and my first thought goes to ‘F***, is the neighbour coming over to do something?’

“It’s just that little edgy, not really homely feeling.”

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Tiffany Michelle Welcomes You to the 888poker Live London Festival | Videos

Tiffany Michelle welcomes you to London for the 2019 888poker LIVE London Poker Festival at Aspers Casino in Stratford City.

Live tournament updates:

Details of Chris Moorman’s High Roller win:

Tournament information:

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Christmas is done

Christmas is done

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DIY Dog Food Station with Storage

Download the free plans and tutorial for this DIY Dog Food Station with Storage underneath.

Source by jshade77

Aniah Blanchard’s father: ‘I have never felt pain such as this’

We are now hearing from the father of college student Aniah Blanchard.

Aniah’s father, Elijah Blanchard, posted on Facebook Thursday, asking for prayer and saying “I have never felt pain such as this.”

Aniah Blanchard’s remains were found Nov. 25 in Macon County, more than a month after she went missing in Auburn.

Three men have been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

A witness said he saw one of the men, Ibraheem Yazeed, forcing Blanchard into a vehicle at an Auburn convenience store. Yazeed is charged with kidnapping.

Another man, Antwain Fisher, also is charged with kidnapping. Authorities said they believe he helped Yazeed dispose of evidence.

David Johnson Jr. is accused of driving Yazeed to Florida, where he was arrested.


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Torn between Forex and Crypto? Why Not Both?

The Forex market has been around for a few decades now. But, for more than a decade now, there has been a significant change that led traders to controversy. In 2009, when the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been created, the trading market was set to change forever. 

Trading forex or cryptocurrencies sounds like a great idea these days. But if you are a novice trader, choosing between these two options can be really challenging. Some professionals believe that comparing trading forex with trading crypto is like comparing pears with apples. However, this isn’t entirely accurate because there are many similar aspects between those two, as well as a number of differences. 

If you have no idea what to choose, this article may help you choose both because both crypto and forex trading have a number of advantages. 

Crypto vs Forex 

You must be a savvy trader to fully understand the differences and similarities of the two. However, we will try to be as specific as possible to help you understand the pros and cons of both trading practices. 

Crypto trading is often thought of as similar to Forex trading mainly because somehow both of them involve trading currencies. Yet, the two have many differences so let’s start with understanding both in order to understand their similarities and differences: 

Foreign exchange 

If you have ever traveled abroad on a vacation, chances are that you have most likely exchanged your money for the local currency. If you have done that, you could say that you have traded currencies. However, although the principle of forex trading is the same, the act of trading doesn’t take place in a physical currency exchange office but rather on a digital decentralized market. 

Naturally, as the trading takes place in the digital world, there is no single location for traders to transact currencies. Everyone with a computer and a good internet connection can get online and trade forex. 

Forex also involves a middleman, be it a broker or other institutions that take fees from the traders every step of the trading process. 


Forex trading is now a large and well-established practice, while cryptocurrencies are still a newcomer to the scene of trading. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that involve peer-to-peer financial transactions. What made cryptocurrencies so popular but also controversial in the trading scene is the fact that they have created a global transaction market that functions independently from both central banks and governments. 

Similarities between Crypto and Forex trading 

As mentioned before, although some people believe that crypto and forex trading are nothing alike, there are, in fact, many similarities between the two. Here are the main similarities between them:
  • Both types of trading involve trading multiple currencies in the digital world
  • Both crypto and forex prices are naturally based on the demand and supply existing on the market
  • Both trading marketplaces exist and function on a number of platforms 
  • Both trading practices require a relatively short amount of time to trade which provides flexibility to traders
  • Both crypto and Forex markets have high volatility which can cause a significant price change in a relatively short amount of time
  • Both trading practices involve multiple currencies. While the Forex market includes all national currencies, the Crypto market also currently includes over 3000 cryptocurrencies. However, in the Crypto market, Bitcoin still remains the most popular traded currency. So, if you opt for Crypto trading you may want to replenish your Forex trading account by BTC (Bitcoin).

Differences between Crypto and Forex trading 

Although the crypto and Forex market have many similarities, there are also very important differences that traders must know when choosing between the two: 

  • While the traditional forex markets include retail customers and small corporates, 94,5% of the players are institutional players, in the current Crypto market there are no institutional players and the market only includes retail traders. Obviously, the involvement of established institutional players can make it more difficult to compete in the Forex market. 
  • Forex trading has an average daily turnover higher than crypto trading as the Forex market is an old player in the trading scene and is already a very well-established practice. 
  • Forex trading is as old as the existence of national currencies meaning that it is a more stable trading option whereas the crypto scene is pretty new which sometimes makes it more volatile to market conditions.
  • Cryptocurrency can become a challenge because, in some parts of the world, traders can not fully utilize their gains. On the other hand, the Forex market is time sensitive as it can be highly affected by different factors such as economic strengths or geopolitical risk. 
  • The Forex market provides short-term profit opportunities while crypto trading is rather a long-term investment option but has no guarantee of a definite pay off. 

Should you choose one or both? 

Obviously, whether trading Forex or Crypto is a better option is a matter of personal choice for each trader. Both markets have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, while crypto trading can bring more potential returns and involves fewer fees, Forex trading provides more stability and less volatility. 

Either way, both trading practices are extremely popular these days. And, veteran traders advise novice investors to diversify their investments in order to minimize risks and increase their earnings. So, you may not have to decide between trading Crypto or Forex when you are torn between these two options. You can simply try both of them and decide which one of them suits your needs and trading style the best.

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Food Wars! The Fourth Plate – Episode 8 – Watching from Beside You

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Cemetery Gates Rescore HÄXAN –

Meet Cemetery Gates, the musical project of Gene Priest and Derek Jones – horror-centric music composers and creators of “synth-driven death ballads.”

The duo’s latest venture was to rescore Häxan, the 1922 biopic silent horror film written and directed by Benjamin Christensen. The film was inspired by Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches), a treatise advocating the extermination of witches published in 1487, written by the German inquisitor Heinrich Kramer.

Christensen’s Häxan, finished in 1920, and released two years later, spells out how misapprehension and superstition of mental illness resulted in hysterical witch-hunts. Ostensibly a documentary, Häxan includes dramatized chapters similar to modern horror movies. Banned in the U.S. for nudity, portrayals of brutality, and sexual depravity, the movie was carefully edited prior to showing in other countries.

Cemetery Gates rewrote the film’s musical score, infusing it with original compositions inspired by composers such as John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, Dario Argento, and the rock group Goblin.

Recently released via Lakeshore Records, Cemetery Gates’ soundtrack encompasses 21-tracks, starting off with “Häxan (Main Theme),” which opens on an austere piano riding cavernously deep pulses, followed by ghostlike synths, thus establishing an eerie anticipatory sonic aura.

Although all the tracks reveal nuances of deliciously wicked uneasiness, highlights include: “Hell,” which rides emerging strident colors rife with malevolent textures, oozing and viscous. “The Devil Fulfills Her Wishes” opens on percolating sounds increasing in intensity, as deep groaning tones infuse the tune with dark resolves and black tension.

“The Devil’s Mark” travels on thick almost industrial sound effects expanding into shimmering spine-chilling brocades of potent textures, akin to probing specters. “The Witch Test” features throbbing percussion, tight and horrific, seguing to inchoate syncopated oscillations of bloodcurdling, suffusing vibrations. As the music gathers dynamism unnerving layers of piercing ambiance fill the tune with drifts of metallic overtones.

“Seized by Insanity” pulses with jarring angular projections, followed by the entrance of harsh glaring surface timbres, imbuing the music with frenzied nerve-wracking pressure.

Marvelously wrought, Cemetery Gates invests Häxan with a crouch of timorous reverence coupled with sepulchral gravity taut with foreboding. An ambitious, monumental undertaking, Cemetery Gates pulls it off with superb aplomb.

Cemetery Gates Social Links: Website | Bandcamp | Spotify

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