Wanna Be Famous? How Snooki Did It

Wanna Be Famous Like Snooki
Wanna Be Famous? How Snooki Did It

Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” Polizzi was born in November 23, 1987 in Santiago de Chile and was adopted when she was six months old by Italian American citizens. While attending to high school she was the first one, of her group, to kiss a boy and was given her famous nickname after a character named Snooki who did the same in the movie, Save the Last Dance.

After high school she went to study veterinary technician in a community college.

Big Break: A Hot Chick?

Snooki had her big break in episode 14 of the reality MTV show “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” inspired on the successful website HotChickswithDoucheBags.com (yes, apparently she is a hot chick. I couldn’t believe it either), during summer 2009.

Leaked! Diving Olympians in the Toilet


comedy leaked diving olympians in the toilet
Diving Olympians in the Toilet

If The Avengers Were to Go to the Olympics (pic)

comedy superhero olympics
comedy superhero Olympics

The Avengers movie has been one of this summer’s movie hits. The Olympics are in full swing and everybody is following the sports competition. Which Olympic games will our Avengers participate and win gold medals? This image answers that question. Some of them are obvious some.

Michael Phelps Upset Reaction to Marihuana Scandal

comedy michael phelps reacts to smoking pot
Michael Phelps Reacts to Doping with Pot Scandal

People will never be pleased. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian reacts to the marihuana scandal. Getting out of the couch and into your swimsuit after smoking you smoke pot, doesn’t even allow to think about the idea of judging this half fish, half human super hero.

Most Romantic Date On Two Wheels

comedy the most romantic date on a two wheels
The Most Romantic Date on Two Wheels

She is definitely thrilled about riding in the back on his motor cycle. He is ready to go wheeling on one tire. Will that be a good idea? We don’t think so.

Why Batman Slaps Robin in the Face (Pic)

comedy see why batman slaps robin
Why Batman Slaps Robin

Yes Bat Idiot, they don’t speak Spanish.

Galifianakis Leaked Pics Before Campaign Movie

comedy galifianakis leaked pics before candidate movie
Galifianakis Leaked Pics Before Campaign Movie

Zach Galifianaki’ movie The Campaign will be in theater this August 10 2012. But before Zach became famous for his stand up comedy and the movie that launched him into fame, The Hangover, he was a bikini model.

These leaked pictures show Zach modeling a one piece hot pink swimsuit. He shows his other hidden talent of modeling. Victoria Secret is considering hiring him to model lingerie.

This Genius Has a Great Sense of Humor

comedy albert einstein wearing sleepers
One of the Smartest Humans Finds Time to Be Silly

Albert Einstein finds time in his extremely busy schedule to be silly. Here he is resting wearing his slippers after discovering one of those mysteries of the universe.